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Hi There!  My name is Rhea and I am so happy you are taking the time to get to know about me.  I live a very exciting life in the San Diego area of California.  I am a mom to three crazy boys and have had my blog, since 2007.   I have a wide range of eclectic interests that keep my family hopping.  I’m currently trying to convince them that we can totally live in an RV full time (they are on the fence about that, though).

I have been a Gestational Surrogate twice, having delivered a set of triplets in 2007 and a single baby boy in 2009.  I’m quite versed in the realms of Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy having lived it for years.  I use my personal experience to fuel my passions for creating families and helping others to understand the beauty of it all.

When I do work outside of the home, it is usually in the Social Services field.  I love working with people that have developmental disabilities and enjoy spending my days helping them learn to navigate and be part of the world around them.

Being a work-at-home professional is extremely rewarding as it affords me the opportunity to stay home with my kids while helping others find their success.  It is easy to get burned out while building your own brand and continually creating new and interesting content can be hard and exhausting!  By focusing my efforts on helping others I find that it helps break up the monotony of my own social existence.

I have worked with major brands (Sam’s Club, Keurig, Walmart, Shark), I have designed all of my own websites (and those of others), and I network in some fabulous blogger communities.  I look forward to working with you!