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I received my State of California Adult Residental Facility (ARF) Administrator Certificate in the Summer of 2014.  I have been in the social services field for my entire adult life having done almost everything from being a transportation aide, day program instructor, independent living coordinator, and group home manager/administrator.  I am currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work.

Currently, I am the backup administrator for a 12-bed facility for men in Ramona.  I have worked in this home since I was 18 years old (so 25 years!) and the gentlemen who live there are like my family.  Because I have experience in so many different areas of this field, I feel I have a unique perspective on how all agencies should work together to provide a high quality of life to those we serve with developmental disabilities.


ARF Administrator Inquiry

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I am available on a freelance basis for the following tasks:

  • House Administrator coverage.  CCL requires that a designated and licensed Administrator be available at all times, and a minimum of 20 hours present in the home per week.  If your current Administrator wants to take a leave of absence (vacation, medical leave, etc), I can be that designated Administrator while they are gone.
  • Title 17 & Title 22 Audit.  I have 25 years of experience with IPP’s, Quarterlies, P&I handling, medication book keeping, etc.  I am also one of the rare people who enjoy paperwork!  If you are due for a visit from CCL, I am available to come in and go over your books and binders to ensure compliance with State Regulations.