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Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

Content is king when it comes to a business website.  Gone are the days of having a simple landing page with a business phone number and address on it.  People are using the internet like never before and they are looking for information.  Wouldn’t it be useful if you could provide that information to your customers?  By having this information on your website, it can establish you as an expert in your field.

Are you a Veterinarian?  Would it not be extremely useful to provide articles on the importance of routine vaccines?  Sure, your customers can find that information anywhere, but wouldn’t it be beneficial if YOU provided that information for them?  Let’s say you are a Veterinarian and you spend long days and nights caring for the pets that are entrusted to you, how do you find the time to actually write these informational articles for your customers?

You hire a Freelance Writer, of course!


I know what it takes to write compelling copy that engages the reader and keeps them coming back for more.  I take my time researching facts and gathering all the information so as to create an original and informative article.  For straight writing assignments, I charge a reasonable .20 cents per word.  Let me write the content so that you can spend your time building your network and being awesome.